What is Managed Web Hosting
What is Managed Web Hosting?

What is Managed Web Hosting?

Managed web hosting is when a hosting service company or provider sets you up with a dedicated server, and that server is managed by the company or provider themselves on your behalf and you pay a service charge instead. The company or provider will help manage your servers, manage software and hardware maintenance, provide security, monitor activity, and take care of backup services for each server.

Anyone can do it themselves with any dedicated server, dedicated web hosting, if they have the knowledge. It takes care of server management with active support from the hosting provider and notification of necessary updates as appropriate.

What does managed mean?

Managed web hosting is a hosting company or provider that takes care of day-to-day operations, 24 hours a day. They fix technical issues, keep an eye on issues related to software updates, manage security, and more. A great deal goes into the management and maintenance of a server and the managed company or provider takes care of the web hosting.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Managed Hosting?

1. Easy SSL Certificates Installation : Since it is Managed Web Hosting, Easy SSL Certificates Installation on the website becomes easy. The SSL certificate installation process involves a series of communications between the hosting provider and the certificate.

2. Expert Support : If you choose Managed Web Hosting, you will get company support for every issue. A team of experts will guide you in making the best use of your plan by identifying the difference between your pros and cons and server-level issues with Managed Web Hosting. Which means the customer doesn't have to wait a long time for the problem to be solved.

3. Cost-Effective : Looking at the plethora of features provided, building a website is a very cost-effective option compared to others. Swapnil IT Managed Web Hosting Plans are very cheap that can help you start an online business easily. By using Managed Web Hosting you can create a personal blog, personal or professional website and any web site.

4. Content Delivery Network : Having access to a content distribution network can help speed up your site's media responsiveness, which is a benefit of Managed Web Hosting. This is really important for the large media files you have. A CDN uses a network of servers that operate globally, storing your media cache in multiple locations so that users can access the closest server immediately. If you're based locally, this won't be as big of a drawcard, but, if you have international users, having a server in the users' country will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of file access and delivery.

5. Very developer friendly : If you are a developer or want to use developer-friendly type features, then a fully Managed Web Hosting is perfect for multiple features, will find in such cases, you will be given access to features that are considered suitable for developers.

These features may not normally be available when you choose Managed Web Hosting Fully Managed Web Hosting plans for SSH access, GIT, WordPress staging and more will depend on which plan you choose.

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Sukla Sen
Mafuja Khatun Reply

I have taken Managed Web Hosting service for a long time, this package is perfect for my small business.

Mr Tanmoy Jodder
Niladri Kor Reply

The company is not bad, we call any company bad or good even for getting just support service, but I am free of worry about Managed Web Hosting service of Swapnil IT company.

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